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  • Production Line Profile

    Our R&D center covers an area of 800 square meters, and is equipped with advanced experimental and analyzing instruments. It has 5 synthesis laboratory and 1 fermentation laboratory. There are about 20 professionals, 85% of them hold a bachelor's degree or above. 35% of them are senior researchers. They form an experienced and cooperative team. We always regard technological innovation as a core motivation for development. About 100 technologies have been innovated or improved.


  • OEM/ODM Profile

    Environmental Policy

    ● Enforcing ideology of environmental protection;
    ● Abiding by laws and regulations;
    ● Persisting in energy and cost saving
    ● Creating green chemicals

    Set up complete three waste treatment system

    ● Based on ISO14001 environmental management system, the potential factors which may cause influence on environment are identified and classified.
    ● Waste water treatment system with oxidation catalyze is set up with daily treatment 100mt;
    ● Solid waste is collected and delivered to Jiangyin Solid Waste Burning Center for further treatment;
    ● To treat the end gas by falling-film absorption system;
    ● To debase noise by setting up a barrier wall to block out the noise source;
    ● To establish the cooling water cycling system in the whole plant;
    ● To accept the supervision conducted by Environmental Protection and Administration Department
    Technology development on three waste treatments

    LML BIO keeps on continuous study and development on three waste treatments and has a patent on waste water treatment technology.

    To set up environmental analysis and supervision station

    LML BIO installs automatic alarm for preventing leakage in several production reference points. More over, supervision and analysis equipment is set up together with PH meter, COD detectors etc. for inspecting the hazardous source and three waste treatment status.


  • R&D Profile

    Health & Safety

    LML BIO, safety and health are always integrated. Safe production is the most important way to protect employee’s health. LML BIO ensures its employee’s health and safe production through following aspects:

    Invested in hardware:

    ● To establish the production system strictly according to the design department;
    ● To set up wired supervision within whole plant;
    ● To equip its employee with all kinds of protection articles, emergency succor equipment such as fireproof clothes, emergency medical appliance etc.
    ● To install automatic alarm system for dangerous leakage in key control points and hazardous goods storage places.
    ● To install automatic shower system in each workshop;
    ● To set up bathroom for its employees;
    ● To mark clearly at each production safe control point;
    ● To invest in continuous improvement for those production system which may cause unsafety and harm the health of its employee.

    Documentation and system

    All the chemical raw materials used in its plant and products manufactured are classified. Detailed MSDS brochure is compiled.
    ● Labels are pasted in each storage and packing places for main raw materials and finished products and in each application place for main raw material with detailed description of XX chemical toxicity information, emergency and first aid procedures, personal protective measures etc;
    ● To set up management system for all kinds of hazardous chemicals;
    ● To establish emergency and first aid procedures;
    ● To collect information of heavy chemical safety accidents happened within China and abroad as the material for experience and lesson to train its workers;


    ● To insist on continuous training for its workers to improve their safety and health consciousness and self-protective ability;
    ● To invite safety experts to give a course of lectures on safety in its plant;
    ● To invite experts of occupational disease to give a course of lectures on prevention of occupational disease in its plant;
    ● To organize employees to visit excellent chemical plants.
    ● Periodical medical surveillance is made for its employees. Medical treatment experts are invited to analyze medical surveillance results. Then employees' health record is set up.
    LML BIO authorizes a special QHSE manager to be responsible for QHSE management and organization of weekly safety check and audit;
    ● To accept QHSE audit made by our clients;
    ● To undertake the supervision and administration made by Safety Production Administration Bureau. Third party audits on safety factors are also authorized to conduct and issue safety evaluation report;
    ● To undertake the supervision conducted by Disease Control Center. Third party audits on occupational disease risks are also authorized to conduct and issue occupational disease risks evaluation report;


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