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Purity 99% Toremifene Citrate Muscle Growth Hormones Steroids Fareston For PCT Gyno Killer

Purity 99% Toremifene Citrate Muscle Growth Hormones Steroids Fareston For PCT Gyno Killer
Purity 99% Toremifene Citrate Muscle Growth Hormones Steroids Fareston For PCT Gyno Killer

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Best China Legal Steroid Powder Source
Brand Name: LML BIO
Certification: GMP,EP,BP,JP,CP
Model Number: 89778-27-8
Price: Negotiable
Minimum Order Quantity: 50g ( It can be lowered to 10g for sample order)
Packaging Details: Discreet packing as your requirement
Delivery Time: Send out within 24hrs ,3 -7 work days for delivery
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Cash
Supply Ability: 800kg/week
Detailed Product Description
Product Name:Toremifene Citrate Bodybuilding Steroids Fareston For PctRelated Products:Tamoxifen, Clomid, Proviron, Testosterone Steroids
Category:Bodybuilding SteroidsFunction:Bodybuilding Cycle, Pct Cycle, Gyno Killer, Anti Estrogen Steroids, Cancer Treatment
Effective Dosage:40-60mgs Per DayShip To:UK, Japan, Netherlands, Uruguay, Norway, USA, Switzerland, Thailand, Canada And Worldwide
Other Name:Toremifene Citrate; FarestonForm:Raw Steroid Powders
CAS:89778-27-8Half-life:5 Days

High Purity Toremifene citrate bodybuilding steroids fareston for pct gyno killer side effects


Toremifene citrate bodybuilding steroids fareston Quick details: 


English Name: fareston; fc1157a; nk622; TROPISETRON CITRATE
CAS: 89778-27-8
Formula: C26H28ClNO · C6H8O7
Molecular Weight: 598.09
Uses: Used as an anticancer drug

Dosage: 40-60mgs per day

Assay: 99%

Appearance: White crystalline powder

What is Toremifene citrate bodybuilding steroids fareston?

Fareston (Toremifene Citrate, known in bodybuilding circles as “torem”) is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) derived from triphenylethylene. It is FDA approved for breast cancer treatment, and has possible medical uses for prostate cancer. Bodybuilders will use this drug to combat gynecomastia (bitch tits), but it’s still very new to the scene and has some drawbacks.


History of Toremifene Citrate 

Fareston was patented by the Orion Corporation of Finland, and it was approved to treat breast cancer in Europe in the mid 1990′s. Roberts Pharma markets the drug in the USA, starting in 1999.


SERMS and Gyno Killer

When a bodybuilder uses anabolic steroids, their LH and FSH drop to near 0. As their pituitary glands will go dormant, they will cease producing testosterone. This is called ‘suppression’ or ‘shutdown’. This will occur with any anabolic steroid cycle and is completely normal.


After their cycle is complete and the steroid esters start to clear the system, a post cycle therapy (PCT) is done to help get the pituitary glands running again. SERM’s work by blocking estrogen going into the pituitary glands, which cause a rise in LH and testosterone levels, temporarily. This helps give a boost after cycle, and it helps maintain gains.


Another benefit to this drug is its gyno fighting abilities. When scientists developed fareston, they noticed it caused 60% of breast cancer cell cultures to exhibit apoptosis, or “programmed death.” Therefore, in theory, someone with gynecomastia would have the same type of result. Not only will it kill existing gyno, but it prevents the cells from progressing.


Fareston has not been used much in the bodybuilding world because it is so new, but there is another reason rarely discussed. There is some evidence that it can hurt free testosterone levels.


SHBG and Free testosterone

Unfortunately, fareston has been shown in studies to raise SHBG; thus, decreasing ‘free’ testosterone levels. SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) is a protein that binds to sex steroids, and renders them inactive, for as long as SHBG is bound to them. There is a difference between ‘free’ testosterone and ‘bound’ testosterone. Free testosterone is what matters, so the higher you can get that relative to total testosterone, the more benefits you can expect. This makes fareston inferior to other SERM’s like tamoxifen citrate (nolvadex).


                                              tamoxifen vs fareston

Tamoxifen vs. Toremifene


IGF-1 is a very important anabolic hormone in the body, which helps bodybuilders grow more muscle. We know that nolvadex will somewhat negatively impact IGF-1 levels during use. However, fareston is thought to not effect IGF-1, so in this retrospect it is superior to nolvadex.


Toremifene citrate Side Effects

Side effects are typically low with fareston, but can include:

  • Sweating

  • Nausea

  • Mood swings

  • Vision problems

  • Dry eyes

  • Swelling of legs and hands

  • Rash

Toremifene citrate Dosages

For bodybuilding purposes, a dose of 40-60mgs per day seems to be a good starting point. If the user is trying to fight existing gynecomastia (bitch tits), they may choose to double the dose and add an aromatase inhibitor like Aromasin with it. For PCT, some users will kick-start with 100-120mgs per day and then lower to 40-60mgs per day for 4-6 weeks.


Half Life

The half life of fareston is around 5 days, which is approximately the same as clomid and nolvadex.


Toremifene does not reduce total blood plasma levels of Estrogen. In addition to being antagonistic to Estrogen receptors in breast tissue, it is also antagonistic to Estrogen at the hypothalamus gland (this essentially ‘tricks’ the hypothalamus into thinking there is little or no circulating Estrogen levels in the body, causing it to increase its manufacture of Testosterone so that it can utilize aromatization to restore these levels.
Toremifene is also agonistic to Estrogen receptors in other tissues in the body (within the liver in particular). This means that whileToremifene will act as an anti-estrogen in breast tissue and the hypothalamus, it will act as an Estrogen within the liver. This can have beneficial impacts especially during an anabolic steroid cycle, such as improving and shifting cholesterol levels into a more favorable range.




Product nameToremifene citrate bodybuilding steroids fareston for pct gyno killer side effects
Other nameFC 1157a; Fareston; NK 622; NSC 613680
CAS register number89778-27-8
Molecular formulaC26H28ClNO.C6H8O7
Molecular weight598.09
Molecular structureAnabolic Raw Steroid Powders Toremifene Citrate Fareston 99% 89778-27-8 for Anti Estrogen
AppearanceWhite or almost white powder
PackageDiscreet packing way with your choice 
Usagebodybuilding cycle, pct, breast cancer treatment, anti estrogen
Minimum order quantity10g
ShippingBy express courier
Shipping leading timeWithin 24 hours after  the payment confirmed
Payment optionsWestern Union, MoneyGram, T/T,Bitcoin


Toremifene Citrate Muscle Growth Hormones Steroids Fareston For PCT Gyno Killer


LML BIO advantages:

Professional Manufacture:  LML BIO is a leading pharmaceutical and chemical company headquartered in China. We leverage our wide spectrum of business in the fields of development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution to help you make best-informed decisions tailored to your evolving needs for premium APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), pharmaceutical intermediates, steroids hormone,(best steroids powder source in China) natural extracts, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, veterinary medicine and biochemical kits. 

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